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Our Business:-

To market innovative quality, high-performance, reliable and ready-to-market
 Products at competitive prices to focused markets.”

IDRISKO is a locally incorporated company under the Companies Act, 1965 section 16 (4) of the Malaysia Law. The company has the benefit of integrated marketing policies, economies of scale approach, as well as from the financial strength of a dynamic and energetic group sales personnel and directors

IDRISKO was founded in January 1994 to develop and market Computer networking products, LAN and Data communications as well as marine electronic products. Since its inception, IDRISKO has rapid grown to become a prominent company in the IT Industry, forming strategic alliances with leading IT distribution and manufacturers

Dedicated to branding innovative, easy-to-use, cost effective products to individuals, workgroups, large corporations and growing organizations, IDRISKO constantly looks to the U.S. and Europe for companies that have good technology and engage in strategic partnerships with them. As a result, IDRISKO is able to offer a diversified and complete range of products that are suitable for our Malaysia market place



Mission and Vission of Idrisko Technology Sdn. Bhd as follows:-

         Supplying the best quality products and services.
         Fulfilling customer’s demand and satisfaction.
         Ensuring stabilization and growth of the company.
         Growing to International Market
         Develop fully experience and skillful workforce

Mission Statement

“IDRISKO, aims to be a leading Global Corporation in Information Technology and Marine Communications product providing a comprehensive range of quality, innovative, easy-to-use, cost-effective solutions and services to our customers and meeting our commitments to customers, its employees and shareholders alike, as well as the society and green environment as a whole.”
... Directors

Why innovative?
In our industry, we have to catch up the latest technology and sophisticated needs of our modern customers.In the past, customers buy products and services sold by vendors. But, today the customers call the “shots”. The vendor must constantly bring in new products that meet the customers’ needs.
This motivates us to be MARKET DRIVEN.